Scheduled timetables, personalised to your journey

Commutable provide a true end-to-end system for generating and updating service timetables. Timetable data can be maintained in standard formats, fed into our system, and web-optimised layouts, mobile-optimised pages and printable PDFs can all be generated instantly, keeping your service information up-to-date automatically, as soon as operational data changes.

PDF service timetables are difficult to use on mobile devices, and even on desktop does not provide the easiest reading experience. Timetable information must be provided in a web-optimised way, which allows the timetables to be interactive so that the user can filter them down to the information that they are interested in. Further optimisations for mobile devices should be made to suit the smaller screens. Finally, PDFs can also be automatically generated from this same data to suit the passenger who wishes to print this information out.

Managed. Hosted. Scalable.

As with all of our services, the scheduled timetables are fully hosted in our customised cloud infrastructure, allowing for immediate scalability when transport information is in high demand.

Compatible with industry-standard data formats

Timetable data and can be imported in all of the major formats:

  • TransXchange
  • GTFS
  • Excel

If your timetable data is not in one of these formats, we can do the necessary work to transform it into a standard format for you.

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