Realtime estimated times of arrival

Commutable’s realtime timetable product displays listings for each route, service and stop in a transport network, with scheduled and expected times derived from a vehicle’s GPS location.

Realtime map of coach service progressing towards customer’s location.

The realtime system is focused on providing your customers with up-to-the-minute information on their service’s progress, any issues they should be aware of, and the confidence to know that their service is on the way.

  • realtime maps with bus’ GPS position plotted
  • realtime ETA calculations for every service and for every stop
  • continuous live updating, every 60 seconds
  • mobile-optimised website
  • travel advisories and alerts
  • customer’s transport behaviour analytics

In live deployments, our realtime product has consistently had a higher than 45% visitor return rate, proving its worth as a customer service aid.

Mobile-optimised website

When viewing realtime information on a smartphone, your customer can use their phone’s GPS signal to find realtime arrival information at the stops closest to them.

Showing stops around the user’s current location.

All information available on the desktop site is also available on the mobile-optimised site.

Search by stop or service

Users can type in the name of their stop, the stop they’re getting off at, or just the name of their service if they know it, and we will bring them to a page showing the realtime timetable for that service.

A user searching for London

Incident Tracking

The realtime system will show a notice on-screen when a vehicle is more than 5 minutes behind schedule, but in the case that there has been an incident and a delay beyond the normal range is expected, Commutable’s incident-tracking system can be used to attach an informational notice to a service to further explain the situation to passengers.

Notice of a delay for this service while leaving Stansted Airport

Managed. Hosted. Scalable.

As with all of our services, the realtime timetables are fully hosted in our customised cloud infrastructure, allowing for immediate scalability when realtime information is in extreme demand, such as on days with adverse weather and widespread service disruption. Our largest installation of the application has dealt with a 1400% increase in traffic in a single day with no downtime. The realtime application can be customised, branded and integrated into your existing website.

Compatible with industry-standard data formats

Timetable data and realtime feeds can be imported in all of the major formats:

  • TransXchange
  • GTFS and GTFS-Realtime
  • NeTEx, IFOPT and SIRI

The system is agnostic to the source of realtime data, so this may come from the ticket machine, fuel management system, dedicated GPS module or some other source.

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