Interactive, Multimodal Journey Planner

The Commutable journey planner offers true multimodal planning across networks of bus, coach and rail services. The customer simply has to provide any start point and end point, which they can do by typing an address or dragging and dropping pins on the map, and the system will quickly discover the fastest routes between these two points.

A journey planner removes uncertainty from the use of public transport — every search gives back results with the fastest and simplest journey ranked first, optimised by travel time and fewest mode switches. Up to four alternative routes are also shown when they are available. Scheduled timetables can be consulted, and realtime ETAs and vehicle locations can also be pulled in and integrated directly. Search results can be easily bookmarked and shared between people.

Realtime information integrated into the journey planner

Intuitive user experience

Throughout, Hit the Road uses cutting-edge JavaScript, CSS and Maps technology to provide the most intuitive experience possible. It also uses geolocation on both desktop and mobile to get the user set up quickly, allowing them to plan a journey from their current location.

Hit the Road makes the map very prominent, and tries to assume as little knowledge of the transport options available as possible from the user. They can enter a street address, name of a landmark etc., or simply drag and drop markers into the general area that they are travelling to or from.

The application is extremely fast, returning most results in less than a second, allowing true exploration of options on the transport network by dragging and dropping pins around in an area to uncover routes. The user is free to experiment quickly and easily with their travel plans.

Carbon calculator

The journey planner also incorporates a carbon calculator, allowing the user to compare the carbon used by the various public transport options that are being recommended to the carbon emitted by making the same journey by private car.

Transport customer analytics

Our deployment of the Commutable journey planner in Dublin has maintained a higher than 40% visitor return rate over the three years it has been online. It has also maintained 99% uptime over that period.

Managed. Hosted. Scalable.

As with all of our services, the journey planner is fully hosted in our customised cloud infrastructure, allowing for immediate scalability when transport information is in high demand. The journey planner application can be customised, branded, loaded with a bespoke set of transport operators and services, and integrated into an existing website.

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