Commutable make intelligent transport software

Running an effective transportation network is all about giving your customers accurate, timely information so that they feel confident using your service. That means automatically planning the best route at the right time, keeping track of a journey’s progress in realtime, and making that information available at any time and place, especially when your customers are mobile.

Commutable deliver robust, fully-managed, customised and branded solutions, that are deployed as part of a client’s own website, enabling them to improve customer retention, drive down customer service costs, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and ridership.

Support at every stage of the journey

People travelling on bus, coach or rail are in need of information at every stage of the travelling process, to answer questions like—

  • What service should I travel on?
  • How do I get to the departure point?
  • When will my service depart, and when am I likely to arrive at my destination?
  • Where is my service now?

Commutable software services use a combination of maps, timetables and realtime information to answer these questions and more, providing easy-to-use interactive applications that are accessible on desktop and mobile.

Customers can begin by using the journey planner to discover the most efficient route between their current location and their destination. Beautiful scheduled timetables allow them to look up times for travel by either browsing the timetables on a website before downloading a PDF to print, or consulting a mobile-optimised timetable on their phones. During their journey they can check realtime estimated times of arrival for their service, so that they are kept updated about issues and delays which affect them. Each of these services can be integrated into a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android.

Managed. Hosted. Scalable.

Commutable’s enterprise web services are all fully hosted in our customised cloud infrastructure, allowing us to design efficient transport solutions which can scale automatically to handle huge amounts of requests when the demand for travel information increases suddenly. This Software as a Service (SaaS) model guarantees excellent service availability and flexibility, expanding capacity automatically as engagement with the service grows, and allowing the transport company to focus on what they do best.

Commutable’s applications can be set up using standard transport data formats like TransXchange, ATCO-CIF and NaPTaN, and can be fed a range of realtime information. Detailed customer analytics are generated from all customer’s interactions with the applications, allowing the transport client to gauge customer engagement, return rate and satisfaction.

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